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Drinking Water Microbiology Prices:

Heterotrophic Plate Count $55.00

Iron Bacteria Biological Activity $65.00

Slime Forming Bacteria Biological Activity $65.00

Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Biological Activity $65.00

Total Coliform/ E. Coli Count $50.00

Total Coliform/ E.Coli (results within 18 hours) Present/Absent $30.00

Cryptosporidium / Giardia analysis is performed by: Analytical Laboratories, Inc. 1-800-574-5773. Please contact them directly for information and price.

Wastewater Microbiology Prices:

E. Coli Count (Colilert) $50.00

Fecal Coliform Count (Colilert) $50.00

Total Coliform Count (Tube Fermentation) $50.00

Fecal Coliform (Biosolids) MPN (A1-media) $100.00

BOD or C-BOD 5 Day $60.00

All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.

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