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How to take a Coliform Bacteria Sample

Instructions for Bacteriological Sampling

“Drinking Water”


  2. Please read carefully before filling Sample Containers.


  4. The laboratory must receive samples within 30 hours after sample collection. Send samples to the laboratory by the quickest method of transportation (UPS, FedEx).


  6. Inspect a sample bottle for damage and make sure the tamperproof seal is intact.

  7. The sample bottle you received is sterile and contains Sodium Thiosulfate (White powder).


  9. The sample bottle should not be filled until ready to be delivered to the lab.


  11. When collecting the sample from a tap or spigot: If and aerator is attached to the faucet, remove and disinfect the faucet inside and out with bleach or peroxide before collecting the sample. Let the water run to reach a steady temperature before collecting the sample.


  13. When collecting the sample from a water-bottle or dispenser: Disinfect the outside of the bottleneck with bleach or peroxide before collecting the sample.


  15. Tear off the tamperproof seal, unscrew the cap of the bottle but do not touch the inside of the cap or bottle.


  17. Fill water between the 100ml and 120ml mark and screw the cap back tightly on to the bottle. Do not fill past the 120ml mark to ensure proper mixing, be careful not to overflow – this could wash out the Sodium Thiosulfate!


  19. Fill out the sample information sheet and the sample label on the bottle with the required information.


  21. Keep the sample cool until delivered to the laboratory.


  23. Place the sample bottle, information sheet into the sample-mailer, and send it to the lab.


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